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Development history

Business survival from 2006 - 2007

The first set of commercial shield automatic guiding system was applied to four Japanese and domestic 863# shield tunneling machines in second phase of Shanghai Metro Line 9. The engineering was finished successfully in the same year. 

Barbaric growth from 2008 - 2011

 It launched a new generation of two-point assay Raising RMS-D automatic guiding system; shield tunneling management system; ship areal survey system and simulation carrying; high-speed rail package measuring and checkout software. 

 Industry development from 2012- 2014

It held fully independent intellectual property of 6D laser and first generation of laser rake method Raising RMS-D automatic guiding system; automatic guiding and positioning system of first set of coal roadway rapid digging anchor in the world; forst set pf gap measuring system and tube management system in China.

 Industry consolidation from 2015 - 2017

It launched small full digital long range 6D laser gauge; new gap measuring/tube management system based on laser radar; first set of autonomous big data tool platform in the world. 

Intelligent development in 2018

It will launch the first mining intelligent indicator and mining gyro inertial system in the world.

It launched first set of full autonomous coal work face unmanned system in China;

First set of drill jumbo automatic guiding system in China;

First set of practical curve pipe-jacking guiding system in China;

First set of shield fully intelligent assisted tunneling system and big data platform in the world;

It carried out the first shield tunnel construction full digital intelligent demonstration project in China.