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Raising RMS-D Automatic Guiding System

Product introduction:

Raising RMS-D Automatic Guiding System (RMS-D for short) is specially used for automatically measuring and guiding TMB, shield tunneling machine and push bench during tunnel construction. As the first set of successful commercial automatic guiding system in China, RMS-D has emerged as China’s largest and one of top three automatic guiding system in the world after many years of development. Based on the most advanced full-automatic measuring technology, this system is a world leader with other advanced guiding systems. Till now, RMS-D has been successfully applied to subway tunnel, diversion works, oil pipelines, integrated pipe corridor and other fields. Meanwhile, over 800 tunnels are finished successfully because of RMS-D.

RMS-D can calculate horizontal and vertical deviation between TBM key sections (cutterhead, notch, hinge joint and shield tail) center and DTA, TBM azimuth angle, tendency deviation, mileage, gross tunneling distance, roll angle, angle of pitch, ring number and other attitude information in real time. Moreover, it will show graphics and digits to the driver of shield tunneling machine, providing real-time and accurate attitude information for TBM. In addition, this system can also offer tube selection, shield tail gap, discharge quantity, tunneling management and other assisted tunneling functions. 

Product characteristics

System advantages

◆Adaptive capacity to environment: It can adapt to humid tunnel, high temperature, vibration and dust environment.

◆Attitude refresh rate: This system can calculate TBM attitude per 10s.

◆Communication mode: The total station and industrial PC adopt wireless communication.

◆Additional functions: This system can offer automatic shield tail measuring module, tube selection module, intelligent correction module, tunneling management module, discharge measuring module, electromobile sliding prevention module and other intelligent assisted tunneling technology.

◆System suitability: This system can adapt to various types of TBM tunneling equipment of which outer diameter varies from 2m to 15m.

◆Range scope: The total station keeps 1~300m from laser target. Laser incidence angle scope is ±25°

Technical parameters

◆Attitude display: show attitude deviation, attitude angle, mileage, gross tunneling of front and rear shield, as well as horizontal and vertical tendency of planning line in figures and graphics;

◆Linetype calculation: Apart from wirecable linetype calculation in element method and coordinate list method, this system can also check the entry information and export linetype list, minimizing occurrence possibility of human error;

◆Tube management: This system is conductive to selecting the optimal splicing point location of universal and common tube, predicating the follow-up 1-20 loop tubes and entering shield tail gap automatically or by hands;

◆Status monitoring: This system can monitor working conditions of all hardware, and record the hardware alarm automatically;

◆Reference check: This system can automatically check measuring reference regularly, including reference azimuth, horizontal distance and altitude difference, moreover, which will give automatic alarm and stop the guiding in case of overrunning;

◆Data query; This system can help to inquire historical tunneling and guiding data, system operating log and alarm information according to time and ring number, in addition, query results are exportable;

◆Measuring information: This system can show the detailed calculating results of guiding measurement to users through measuring information, in this way, these users can check attitude by hands and report the guiding data;

◆User management: Driver of shield tunneling machine, measurer and measurement supervisor are allowed to log in this system. Different limits of authority stand for different functions. It is good for reducing the misoperation risk.