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Raising Double Shield TBM Automatic Guiding System

Product introduction:

Raising RMS-T automatic guiding system (hereinafter referred to as RMS-T) is specially researched and developed for double shield TBM hard rock tunneling machine during subway tunnel construction. After fully understanding double shield TBM subway construction technology, structure features of shield tunneling machine and on-site construction environment, Raising has solved many technical problems after three years, such as, “spherical flexible hinge”, “strong vibration”, “high dust”, “narrow measuring channel”, meanwhile, this system is equipped with redundancy measurement to enhance reliability and stability of calculation results.

RMS-T can show attitude deviation, rolling angle, angle of pitch, azimuth angle, range, gross tunneling, horizontal tendency deviation, vertical tendency deviation and other attitude information for tunneling operators in graphics and digits. In addition, RMS-T also offers tube management, authority control, ground remote monitoring system, human attitude check software and other additional functions. 

Product characteristics

System advantages

◆Environmental adaptability: It can adapt to strong vibration and high dust.

◆Measuring channel: There is no laser ranging equipment in telescopic shield and it makes no demand on measuring channel.

◆System constitution: The system has simple parts and is easy to maintain.

◆System stability: The redundancy sensor installed on front shield can enhance measuring precision and serve as spare parts.

◆Shock absorption of total station: This system is equipped with shock-absorbing hanging basket to solve total station failure caused by its vibration. 

Technical parameters

◆Attitude display: It can show the attitude deviation, attitude angle, range, gross tunneling, as well as horizontal and vertical tendency of planning line of front shield and supporting shield in graphics and figures in real time;

◆Linetype calculation: This system can calculate wirecable linetype in element method and coordinate list method, check entry information intelligently and export linetype list, minimizing the occurrence probability of human error;

◆Tube management: This system can select the optimal splicing point location for universal and common tube, predicate the follow-up 1-20 loop tubes and type in the shield tail gap by hands and automatically;

◆Status monitoring:This system can monitor working conditions of all hardware and record hardware alarm information automatically;

◆Reference check: This system can check the measuring reference, its azimuth, horizontal distance and altitude difference automatically, moreover, which gives automatic alarm and stops the guiding in case of overrunning;

◆Data query: This system can inquire historical tunneling guiding data, system operating log and alarm information according to time and ring number, moreover, export the query results;

◆Measuring results: This system will show the detailed calculating results of guiding measurement to users through measuring information, in this way, users can check attitude by hands and report guiding data;

◆User management: Driver of shield tunneling machine, measurer and measurement supervisor are allowed to log in this system. Different limits of authority stand for different functions. It is good for reducing the misoperation risk.