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Coal Machine Guiding System

Product introduction:

To position the attitude of coal mine rapid tunneling machine, all-in-one anchor digger and other large tunneling equipment in coal mine roadway, Raising has developed a set of integrated navigation system based on gyroscope, rangemeter and visual measuring technology. This compact, easy and simple system can provide the real-time and rapid attitude and position deviation information for roadway tunneling equipment when they move forward along with design axis in the low visibility, high dust, strong vibration, high temperature and humid environment. 

Product characteristics

Software features

■It adopts combined navigation and makes no demand on measuring channel.

■It can adapt to high dust, humid, corrosive, vibrating tunneling machine and other environment in coal mine.

■Error shall be corrected by hands at set intervals in the hope of enhancing the navigation precision.

■This system works in full automatic way, of which output results are shown in graphics and figures. All results will be stored.

■It can show treading track of shield tunneling machine in real time. 

Technical parameters

Product function

Calculate   traveling distance of shield tunneling machine in real time.

Calculate   azimuth angle and course deviation of shield tunneling machine in real time.

Calculate   rolling angle and angle of pitch of shield tunneling machine in real time.

 Calculate horizontal deviation between   shield tunneling machine and planning line in real time.

 Correct errors

Satisfy coal   mine security standards.